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I Cant't Feel My Face

album: Robbie O Beirne
genre: Genre This ????
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I Cant't Feel My Face


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10/18/21 02:29:54PM @deltadio:
I don't think this part of the PT forum is flourishing yet and it would indeed be great to read what PT giants like Rob, Paul or Simon would have to say on it, but power to you for being the first to upload a track! Obviously, the track has loads of energy and you got those drum fills down to a T and it is far from monotonous (you managed to stay clear of that beginner’s trap of overusing a great loop). But your own genre cue “Genre: Genre This ????” is indeed indicative of a problem; with its classic psytrance drum staple at 140 bpm (Am) it veers off quickly into dubsteppy and happy sumtin’ territory. Maybe the volume drops and some the pans are a bit rando and you set us up to expect something great (to build it up like that is already skilful!) at around -06:07 but then it somewhat flatly goes on like before. Perhaps it is best to stay within one genre and stick to its iron clad rules; what I mean is most genres are _extremely_ formulaic and to (successfully) cross over to different genres only works for the best (or the luckiest). The (almost literal) duck vocal sample best heard at -07:14 is interesting: I can’t decide whether I like it or not; perhaps it is a bit too dominant throughout the track. Obviously, this is just one opinion and opinions come cheap, but it is meant constructively and perhaps you should have none of it, and I would be ok with that! Just hoping to receive some considerate FB when I share a track. Best of luck!
10/18/21 05:25:43PM @robjones:
Nice work! Pretty bonkers! Yeah definitely in the Psytrance or maybe just mental Hard House kind of vicinity. More variation and randomness than most Psytrance though! Liking the vocal chops and Indian vocal samples particularly. The main drop sections are decent - well mixed, satisfying.

I love the creativity in the arrangement but it does feel more like a DJ mix in one or two places. The main breakdown is one of those. The transition into the lush chords could flow better. It sounds like 2 tracks being mixed rather than 1 track flowing from one section to another. Coming out of the breakdown works better though, as the parts are all aligned better and the build up and drop are fat!

I got a similar feeling of it being multiple tracks when the breaks beat came in at the end too. There are definitely no rules when it comes to using multiple beats in a track, but that felt like you were mixing in a different track, rather than building up an existing one. In the last minute though, when you bring the break back in over the 4/4 kick, it's pretty satisfying I have to admit!

Essentially, you're breaking rules left, right and centre here, and that's a great thing to do, especially if you want your music to stand out and be unique, but you have to be careful not to push it too far, as it might alienate the music a bit or put people off playing it out, especially if you're making the music for a certain audience. Great work though overall. Well put together and interesting, with a mostly good flow.

Robbie O Beirne
10/18/21 09:22:59PM @robbie-o-beirne:
@deltadio .... their are no cheap opinions mate its our own individual opinions that make each piece we touch our own an unique in our own way and your opinions are not criticism their constructive comments that are welcome and needed :) .... the track i do know is to long so ive spread out to much and repeated sections before and after the breaks etc so by the end can be a bit much also the mix of genres is something i like in music but exactly what you mentioned to find a balance and not to much etc is an art in its self ... you mentioned the vocals at the end i did remove them yesterday (i must have had a premonition of your mess haha) i was just trying out something/anything .. ive no issues posting unfinished work in progress stuff thats part of what this site is about ... every days a school day .... .... one thing you said ~ ~ ~ " I can’t decide whether I like it or not " ~ ~ ~ i love when tracks or parts of leave me wondering thinking deciding sometimes the same situation you described in this so that i see as a complement thank you .. look forward to hearing yours ... also as you can see from my tracks im not very high up on the technical theory end of music production but i will try give you honest opinions
Robbie O Beirne
10/18/21 09:52:46PM @robbie-o-beirne:
@robjones .... you have a good ear Mr.Jones .. yes i think the dj thing is the oldest habit i have and it comes across fairly strong obviously i now know .. i have found myself even doubling tracks with in a song and using them with diff effects at diff parts of the track ... like dj mixing i suppose .. the end of the track you mentioned to i was trying to try any thing experimenting the track is far from finished thats why i put it in a collab thread to be changed fixed any thing goes sort of collab im not fussy :) ... love your last paragraph comment i dont mean to purposely set out to break the rules but boundaries i will push prob to breaking point tho :) .. ye im hearing all around me so much new music and almost every thing i heard sounds familiar - like as if some sort of sound gets popular and every one runs with it .. i recognise tho about having to be careful an not way over step .. but that is also how new music styles emerge .. "it's a fine line between genius and insanity down on earth" .. im also at the moment working my way (slowly) through the Level 1 - Beginners Complete Guide to Logic Pro .. nice im enjoying it ...