El Train - Lessons in Love (kampfusbeke's ''love and sorrow'' instrumental remix)

album: Producertech Remix Comp 2022/01
genre: Electronic
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El Train - Lessons in Love (kampfusbeke's ''love and sorrow'' instrumental remix)


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02/01/22 10:39:35AM @kampfusbeke:

I'm not sure if it's some "post hoc phantasizing" or it was the way I half-unconsciously developed the track all the time, but I feel like it became a conceptual epic Techno tragic common life and love story piece :D

The beginning is meeting someone on a rainy day and falling and then being in love, the first scratch is a tragic parting, then come denial, then sorrow cuts in with anger, bargaining (?) and depression. What comes after the final faint scratch? Well, the end of the track :D Maybe everything is a life-story flashing before a person's eyes on deathbed, maybe a different story begins after that.

I felt in the beginning like the last 16 bars or so felt like after them another uplifting part was begging to be added (acceptance and a new life?), but decided to not pursue a longer version.

The whole "stages..." part is what just appeared to me very recently today, but the whole "love and sorrow" idea I realized after the this arrangement was done.

Other contestants were great with fitting the vocals into their remixes, I was more amazed by El Train's instrumental part of the track and thoughts that those vocals wouldn't fit my vision of the remix. I found the stems I used to be perfect enough to be kept in the same arrangement and then used the last 8 bars differently arranged for the rest of the track. I wanted to (and did) stay minimalistic with number of own parts I added and concentrated more on mixing and mastering.

02/01/22 11:51:49AM @nufferzzz:
@kampfusbeke - Well...a very unexpected, experimental delight. I dont know what it says about me and relationships, but I really liked how you finished the track:) . What tempo was it btw?
02/01/22 12:12:40PM @kampfusbeke:
@nufferzzz - Thank you! I love mind journeys and old experimental (usually, but not always, highly electronic) music that develops a story or just takes you on a trip :)

BPM was 150.

02/09/22 10:28:50AM @senza-rete:
You definitively had the foresight to avoid speeding up to 150bpm the vocals, that would have destroyed the overall vibe of the track, and you created a nice and smooth instrumental track otherwise. Very well done!